New Zealand

movie list from Thursday to 12 nov

  title   num registdate
31Deepwater Horizon 42016-10-02
32Golden Yearsdisplay122016-09-29
33Hitchcock/Truffaut 12016-09-29
34The Girl on the Traindisplay242016-09-26
35This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy 12016-09-23
37Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Childrendisplay172016-09-20
38The Magnificent Seven 32016-09-16
39The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years 22016-09-07
40Bridget Jones's Babydisplay162016-09-05
41The Secret Life of Petsdisplay162016-09-01
42The Room 12016-09-01
43Sully 32016-08-31
44The Divided Heaven 12016-08-31
45Solo Sunny 12016-08-31
46Exhibition on Screen: Renoir - Revered and Reviled 12016-08-30
47Pete's Dragon 72016-08-26
48Chasing Great 22016-08-23
49Captain Fantastic 52016-08-03
50Under the Shadow 22016-07-28
51Poi E: The Story of Our Song 12016-07-28
52I, Daniel Blake 62016-07-27
53The Handmaiden 22016-07-20
54The 5th Eye 12016-07-20
55The Daughter 12016-07-20
56The First Monday in May 42016-07-14
57The Clan 42016-07-14
58Little Men 12016-07-14
59In Harmony 22016-02-18
60NT Live: War Horse 12014-03-13
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